NewCredit is a constantly growing company that deals with the intermediation of bank loans of all types. We are recommended by our 10 years of experience in the field of banking intermediation and a number of over 90,000 satisfied customers.

Our customers are the people who want to benefit from the best banking offers on the market. We just need to know the amount you need and our specialists will get you the most advantageous loan.



The field of banking intermediation or the notion of bank broker is not so well known by the general public, and that is why we will present some of the duties of a bank broker:

  • Depending on the financial needs of the client, we identify the most advantageous banking offers on the market
  • We prepare the loan papers in the best form, considerably increasing the chances of obtaining a bank loan
  • We explain to the client’s understanding all the financial-banking terms existing in the loan agreement and we explain each secondary cost
  • We can obtain the lowest interest (FIXED) and negotiate certain costs / commissions in order to benefit from the best loan offer
  • The loan granting time is minimal, depending on the profile of each client; if it is a good one it can withdraw the money on the same day as signing the brokerage contract
  • Our clients can get a much higher amount, up to 100,000 euros in loan for personal needs
  • We help you solve problems in your loan history in order to obtain a loan

These are just some of the benefits that New Credit customers enjoy. From the beginning of the collaboration with us, we will guide you throughout the period of obtaining the desired loan until the money is collected and until it is paid if there are contractual problems or you need additional amounts of money.

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