Salaries (including meal vouchers, bonuses, bonuses and other income assimilated to salaries)
  • The income verification agreement at FISC
  • Income statement.
Income from self-employment
  • Documents proving the quality of authorized individual person.
  • The global income declaration, the special tax declaration, or the taxation provisioning for previous fiscal years.
  • Register of receipts and payments.
Dividend income
  • The balance sheet and the profit/loss account, as recorded at the financial administration and the related balance.
  • The last balance.
  • The decisions of the associates / shareholders of the company to distribute the profit.
  • Company identification documents.
  • Retirement decision
  • The last pension coupon
Renting income
  • The property contract for the rented building.
  • Lease contract.
  • Tax decision / declaration for advance payments as income tax on the disposal of the use of the goods.
Copyright income
  • Copyright assignment contract.
  • Proof of income.
  • Tax return for prepayments with title to sales of intellectual property rights.
Salaries earned abroad
  • Valid residence permit in that country.
  • Valid work permit.
  • Copy of an employment contract concluded for an indefinite or fixed period (provided that it covers at least the duration of the loan, or has been renewed at least once).
  • Account statements or income slips issued by the employer, showing the net income received for the last 3 months.
Salaries earned by seafarers
  • Copy of patent / capacity certificate or other document attesting the qualification.
  • Copy of the current contract for boarding or pre-contract.
  • Certificate / transcript issued by the Naval Authority.
  • Proof of income – contracts, salary certificate.

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