New Credit intermediates lending solutions between you and banking institutions, offering all types of loans, from unsecured loans, consumer loans, mortgage loans, refinancing, home loans, to credit cards, in order to meet financing needs.

With over 10 years of experience in the financial-banking field, especially in lending to individuals, we have over ten thousand satisfied customers who whenever they need a banking product or an advice in the financial field, call us with confidence to get our help. We provide them with the best solution for their needs.

Do you need a credit card? Do you need a loan? Do you want to refinance an existing loan? We can help you. We analyze the situation you are in and we come up with the best credit proposals for you and your family.

We are partners with the most important banks in the credit market. We will study together the offer of these banks and we will choose the offer that suits you best.

Collaborating with us is simple and brings you fast results. Basically you talk to us and you just have to make a trip to the bank to pick up your money / credit card and the contract after the approval of the credit / credit card. Until the loan is approved, we will contact you by phone and e-mail and we will come to you to sign the documents.

Once you get the credit you need, we keep in touch so that, whenever you need our help, we can provide you with the support you are looking for, through advice and solutions based on our experience.

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