Mortgage lending is globally the most common form of lending for the purchase of a house, being also the safest form of lending from the point of view of the financing bank and, therefore, with the highest degree of success.

You can look at mortgage lending as a safe investment alternative. Basically, the monthly loan installments can be similar to the amounts normally due on rent, thus turning the property right into a direct and immediate advantage!

We can offer you several options, selected from over 25 real estate loan offers from partner banks.

Lending conditions:

  • credit currency: EUR/USD
  • maximum value: unlimited
  • minimum advance: 15%; 0% if another property is brought as collateral
  • variable interest rate: starts at 4.28%
  • fixed interest in the first years (5 years / 10 years): starts from 4.65%
  • maximum loan period: 35 years
  • average approval time: 10 days
  • free life insurance for the duration of the loan (depending on the bank chosen)
  • the lowest costs
  • possibility to negotiate interest and credit costs
  • financing up to 100% of the purchase price of the desired property (if another property is included as collateral)

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