Can I get a personal loan if I have problems registered in the credit history?

In most cases Yes, after checking the situation in the credit history, our specialists start the procedures for solving the existing problems, and we will later offer you the best credit offer on the market.

What documents are required to obtain a personal loan?

In most cases only the identity card is needed, in exceptional cases an income certificate is also required, completed by the employer depending on the profile of the client or employer.

What are the disadvantages if we go from bank to bank to ask for credit offers?

Following the search for the best credit offer, each bank will query your credit history these being registered, seriously decreasing the chances of obtaining a loan due to the decrease of the FICO score of each client. After analyzing the profile of each client, our consultants will guide you to the bank with the most suitable offer for you, thus avoiding the decrease of the FICO score.

Why choose a collaboration with New Credit?

The experience of over 10 years in the banking financial field has helped us to learn in detail the ins and outs of the banking system, managing to make the best choices for our clients and at the same time to avoid the hidden clauses existing in credit agreements.

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